Our Story

Hounding Around was born out of necessity. Founder and designer, Meredith Sanger-Katz, adopted an amazing rescue puppy, Lola, in 2015. What she didn’t know was that Lola had a rare degenerative neurological disease that made it increasingly challenging for her to walk. After six months, Lola couldn’t make it around the block, and as she got bigger, her family couldn’t find a bag for her to fit in. With no other options, and a jet-setting lifestyle, Meredith got to work. She started tailoring existing bags to take Lola around.

Meredith got so much feedback from other folks who couldn’t find a bag to fit their pup that she decided to make them more widely available.

Hounding Around was born.

Today, Meredith still has that first bag that Lola was carried in, but she has continually refined and redesigned it to make a more perfect dog tote. And since she uses it so often, she decided to make it stylish, too. She currently carries her 37-pound rescue dog, Edie, in the large tote, and other straphangers are often shocked (and impressed!) to see such a large dog emerge from the bag when they exit the subway.

Hounding Around now has totes for the teeniest toy breeds as well as the larger beasts it was created for. But the company’s roots are in providing a safe, comfortable way to tote your beloved dog around the city, the country, or the world. And oh yeah, not getting in trouble with city officials.